About this site

This website was created mainly for my own benefit, as a way to force me to write - and consequently organize the ideas related to what I am writing - about subjects that I may be studying. Because of that I will always try to include citations and important excerpts about the subjects being discussed. My personal opinions will be there, but as much as possible I will try to indicate when I am repeating concepts I read somewhere else.

The original language of the site is Brazilian Portuguese. As much as I intend to translate all content into English, it is expected that some pages will take longer to be translated. Also, the work to translate the site into English started only in June 2019, already with many pages on the "translation queue". Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see translated, and I will do my best to prioritize it. You can use the flags on the top of the site to navigate between the two languages if you can read both, although in this case I recommend you stick to Portuguese.

I will try to make available through this website any interesting material I find, like books and texts that may be useful.

I would like anyone reading the articles and posts to think about me simply as someone who is studying subjects that I find fascinating. Despite the elements of my personal history that can be apprehended from the texts, I would prefer they to be evaluated (and criticized) only for their usefulness.

Keep in mind that I am a student, not a teacher! And one student that considers himself very much at the start of his journey. Any constructive criticism and, in particular, new information and arguments are most welcome. Personal attacks or discussions over beliefs, not so much. I'm sure I will make mistakes, it is part of the idea of the site. Eventually someone may notice them and help in the necessary adjustments.

After this warning, I hope this space can be useful. If you have any suggestion, criticism or comment, please get in touch! It will be my pleasure to read and respond to you.


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