How to eliminate thought forms

Submitted by Mauricio Medeiros on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 15:16
thought forms

During our study and practice of meditation, we distance ourselves from the physical body and seek refuge in our mental body. Through practice, eventually this becomes the center of our consciousness and starts functioning as the starting point for polarization in the causal body, and even in the superior triad.

But there are some dangers against which we must guard ourselves. One of them is the inhibition, through our will power, of the functioning of the lower bodies.

Imagine that our mental body is an ovoid, encompassing the physical body and extending far beyond it. Circling in this area occupied by the mental body are many thought forms, whether they are ours or from the environment surrounding us, coloring the mental body according to the predominant attractions and diversifying it by many geometric forms, all in a state of "flow", in constant movement. When one tries to inhibit or suppress the movement of the mental body through willpower, these forms "crystallize", causing fatigue (because this has an effect on the physical brain) and bringing all sorts of consequences if that condition persists or repeats itself for a long time.

But everyone who is beginning to meditate does this, to a greater or lesser degree. How can we then eliminate those thought-forms that circulate in our mental body, specially in the lower one, and which deviate us from the purpose of meditation - when not from our daily activities? The following suggestion ("Letters On Occult Meditation", Alice Bailey) is a simple and safe way to proceed:

  • Bring your consciousness to a point inside your brain
  • Visualize the mental body as an ovoid, through which circulate the mental forms we create and those of the surrounding environment, colored by the tonic of these attractions and diversified by many geometric forms, all in a state of constant circulation
  • Intone the Sacred Word (OM) gently for 3 times
  • As you chant the mantra visualize your exhalation as an enlightening force, which in its progress purges the thought-forms circulating throughout the mental ovoid, sweeping them away.
  • By the end of this process, realize that your mental body is clean, free from the thought-forms
  • Then raise your vibration as high as you can, seeking to transfer it from the mental body to the causal, bringing the direct action of the Ego on the three lower vehicles.

As long as you can maintain your vibration in this way, the mental body will remain in a state of balance, free from the thought forms of the environment and lower vibrations. The force of the Ego will circulate in the mental ovoid, not allowing the entry of other mental forms, and the danger of inhibition will have been avoided.

In this process, mental matter will gradually become attuned to a higher vibration until at some point this vibration becomes stable and automatically keeps away what is lower and undesirable.

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